Agency Schedule

Follow the link below to access the Agency event lineups and rebate schedules.
This schedule is created a few days in advance therefore when signing up for rebates, please do so 3 days in advance.
Click Here

Agency PK Replacements/No shows

If you can not attend your PK, please find a host that can fill in for you and notify Tiger Talent of these changes in the group chat.

If you have a no show, we can replace after 10 mins with any official host you like, the family they are in does not matter.

Agency PK Replacements/No shows

Please inform the agency chat with the following:

Event Name

Date & Time in PST

Original Host

Original Opponent

New opponents BIGO ID (NOT username)

Your Bigo ID VS. their Bigo ID


Event Name: New Year’s Day PK
Date & Time: January/01/2023 3:00PM PST
Host: Coco_Live
Opponent: User_Bigo123
Replacement ID: AnjaMeyers
New line up: Coco_Live vs. AnjaMeyers

Replacement request for Power Rebates & Level ups

To be submitted to the group chat before sunrise on the day of the event. Please use the following format:

Event name: ##% Level Up or Power Rebate
Date/time: Month/Day/Year & Time in PST
Original host: Bigo ID _
Replacement Host: Bigo ID _


Event name: 80% Level Up
Date/time: January/01/2023 12:00 PM PST
Host: Coco_Live
Replacement host: AnjaMeyers

Basic PK Requirements

1. Ensure you and your opponent follow each other before the PK time. It is suggested that you send them a quick DM as well to confirm attendance.

2. To line your opponent, select the PK circle at the bottom right corner, select line and then use the search bar to type your opponent's BigoID.

3. If there’s a blue moving audio bar by their name, it means that they are live. Continue by pressing the PK button beside their name to line your opponent.

4. If there is no blue bar, they are not online. After ten minutes have passed please notify the group chat and follow the 4 replacement requirements mentioned here.


Do not forget to take a screenshot at the end of the PK or rebate in case you don’t get compensated for it (we need proof!).


Contact Tiger Talent for the latest Livehouse dates & times

Official Bigo Events page


Missing Rebates:

If you are missing compensation for an event from the previous month please reach out to us so that we can provide you with the form. The form changes every month and you have up to 30 days from when you participated to submit it.

+1 437 781-7297

Toll free number
1(877) 803-7297