About Tiger Talent

Who We Are

Julian Suarez also known as Mr. Coco was born in the city of Parks, Bucaramanga Colombia. He is the son of two very successful Colombian entrepreneurs. At a young age, Coco moved to the US with his mother and then eventually resided in Toronto, Canada. Once he grew up, he went to Seneca College to study Aviation with the intent on becoming a Commercial Pilot. Coco has been traveling all over the world since he became independent & began to understand life. Because of his ever-lasting urge to book a flight, his mom has always been a bit disappointed as he can’t seem to settle, but that has never stopped Coco from following his Nomadic heart & traveling to 39 countries and counting. Due to some unforeseen circumstances he had to move back to Toronto where Coco started to work in the Telecommunications industry & quickly moved up the corporate ladder. His last role was that of a Business Account Manager at one of the biggest Telecom companies in Canada. In December 2022 Coco decided to try something new and came across Live Streaming through a friend. With support from many individuals, Coco quickly rose in the ranks as one of the top broadcasters out of Canada, with a strong will to be a successful businessman. During his short tenure in the Live Streaming industry, Coco was recognized by many App Ambassadors for how quickly he got his fame & was soon offered a partnership to start his own agency. All Coco’s work has led to Tiger Talent Agency being born in March 2023!


Our mission is to increase the public’s enjoyment of our talents whether that be singing, dancing, or just extraordinary personalities.

What Our Talent Says

Tiger Talent has been incredibly supportive so far in my journey of becoming a livestreamer! I am extremely grateful to have met the team and for being introduced to this new world of content creation and new streams of income. The livestreaming community is incredibly welcoming and I’m thrilled to have found such a positive online community to grow alongside.

Kat ~ Tiger Talent Host

Tiger Talent has been nothing short of completely amazing and professional! This agency answers questions promptly, incentivizes its hosts, and truly works with everyone for a true hands-on experience. This agency really understands the talent-agency relationship dynamic and it shows! I guess that’s a given when the people running the agency know what it’s like to be talent here on Bigo. It gives for a friendly, more personal experience. any questions or concerns you might have will be addressed immediately, which is so refreshing! So, if you’re interested in an agency that specializes in giving you a true hands-on experience, then this is the agency for you!

Jessica ~ Bigo Host

Getting the chance to work with and learn from Mr. Coco has been a highlight of my live streaming journey thus far. He has so much knowledge available to make streaming a lucrative career path and he's just an absolute doll of a person as well. I can't recommend him enough to any new hosts looking to live stream.

GiGi ~ Host

Tiger Talent provided me with all the tools to start expressing my talent online. They gave me creative ideas on how to grow my following and increase my revenue. They care about all their hosts and work as a team to get things resolved. I owe it to Tiger Talent for my success in my new live streaming career.

Will ~ Host

When I first saw the ad post I thought this was going to be a scam. I had a call with Coco and he did a good job explaining how everything works and he didn't require anything personal which was reassuring. I have been on the app for a few months and can say Coco has the knowledge to grow your presence on the app and help you make good money. Live streaming for me has been a great side hussle and hopefully I can make this into my career.

Kevin ~ Host

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